In most circumstances we are able to offer professional services on a Conditional Fee Agreement ‘No Win No Fee’. In these circumstances, a maximum of 25% of compensation will be deducted at the end of a successful claim to pay towards the fees incurred in successfully concluding your claim.

As part of the service provided under a 'No Win No Fee' agreement , your claim will be managed by a qualified solicitor or a suitably qualified fee earner.

The service includes consideration of evidence, facilitating the gathering and obtaining of evidence, providing advice in a timely manner with responses to any queries being provided as soon as possible.

The service also includes procedural representation throughout litigation and the organising of advocate representation when required.

Services are provided so long as the claim holds sufficient prospects of succeeding, which is determined on the civil standard of proof, that being 'on the balance of probabilities', as determined by this firm.

The firm reserves the right to cease acting in the event the client has breached any term of the agreement which would warrant this firm to decline to act further.